Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grits for Grandparents

My grandson's school celebrated Grandparent's Day by having a "Grits for Grandparents" breakfast.  This is the first year that I have lived close enough to participate in the Grandparent event.

He had a football game the night before so after the game he came home with me. 

First football season, first jersey.  He is so happy.
We had dinner at Chile's.  We were up  by 6 am the next morning and on our way to school by 6:30 am.  His parents couldn't believe that he was up and dressed so quickly.  We grandparents know the secret.

The menu was grits with cheese, toast, sausage, apple and milk.  We enjoyed a fun breakfast together.  By 7:15 he was off to his homeroom class. 

Times like these make your life worth living.

On a guilty note,  I am working on testing a pattern, which is so much fun, that I hope to share soon.  I am also working on pillowcases for charity.

Happy Quilting,