Monday, September 26, 2011

One of America's Finest and His Companion

As I discussed in my previous blog, I traveled to DC on Sunday.
Some of America's finest were on the Atlanta-DC flight with me.  One of them had a companion.  When I exited the plane I noticed that this soldier had his dog with him, in fact it was setting in its own seat on the plane.  I also ran into them at the baggage claim area and asked if I could take a picture.  He graciously said yes.  Such a nice, courteous and kind young man.  Let us thank God everyday for these fine young men and women, and pray for their safety.

I will always remember this young man's face and his trusty companion.  It was my privilege to thank him for his service.

Until later..........

Withdrawal Symptoms

This week finds me in Washington DC on a business trip.  This is my second day and I am already suffering from withdrawal.  The next crumb block will be published tomorrow and I won't be home to sew it.  I also cannot sew the Christmas blocks that are being offered on the Christmas Quilt-along.  No only will I miss out on this week but next week also.  I will be in Seattle for 7 or 8 days starting next Saturday.  Travel is not all it is appears to be.  Days in meetings and nights in hotels with crummy TV shows.  Both of these meetings will require working day and many hours of the night.  I will be happy to get back to my sewing machine.

The hotel has a very nice quilted throw at the end of the bed.  I cannot remember what these are called but I did buy a book containing several different versions of this.  I want to make one of these for my bed -- "one of these days!" Very pretty.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crumb Along #3 - Block 2

There is a lot piling up on my plate this week, but I wanted to try to make a couple of more blocks in the Crumb Along sponsored by Jo over at Jo's Country Junction.  Well, I made several flying geese blocks and put them together to make the center star.  When I started adding more crumbs to make it around 7 inches, I realized that I had the geese flying backwards!!  Rather than rip, rip, rip, I left them like they are and completed them.  They do not look like Jo's stars, but maybe I can find a place for them in the quilt.

Go ahead and laugh.........I have been laughing at myself!!

There is also a heart block, but I did not have time to tackle that one tonight.

Until later............

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Black and Brights ...and a bonus

This weekend I played around with my black kona and some of Robert Kaufman's fusion fabric.  I am in a swap with the Cobble Court Quilters that is named "Black and Brights."  I had this idea in my head and wanted to try it out.  Turns out that the block is too large for the swap.  I love how it looks so I will make myself a quilt using this pattern.

I have chosen another quilt block for the swap because the one above turned out to be about 14 inches.  The swap blocks have to be 12.5 inches unfinished.

Bonus:  Here are a couple of pictures of the kitty cats.  They are growing fast.

They love to eat and are waiting to be fed every morning and evening.

Until next time............


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrate Christmas - Block 1

Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along and Super Deals for Quilters

The Christmas Quilt-Along that I mentioned in an earlier post has started.  For the next 12 weeks, 36 designers will create blocks for the the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along.  Three blocks a week will be featured on the Quilting Gallery site.  There will be great deals for quilters each time a block is introduced.  Click on the icon to the right on this blog and check out the fun. 
My first block, created by Pat Sloan, was made with batik snowflake print and a WOW fabric.  The batik is one of my most favorite and I felt "pain" when I cut into it, but the block did the fabric justice so I have recovered from the shock. ha!  Does anyone else have fabric that they love so much that they just do not want to cut on it or am I the only one that feels this way? 

Two other blocks have been published on the site.  They are:
Block 2 - "Santa's Mittens" - Jennifer Rodriquez
Block 3 - "This Little Light of Mine" - Melissa Stramel

I am thinking of making the mittens with the fabric shown below.

Until next time, happy quilting........................

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crumb Along - First Blocks

The Crumb Along over at Jo's Country Junction got started in earnest today.  Jo showed us how to make the first of our blocks.  The tutorial was clear and very easy to follow.  Thanks Jo!  I am already looking forward to the next block.

All I can say is that it is not easy being "crumb-ly".  It was so hard for me to sew all of those different types of seams and not try to get the flying geese just perfect.  Here are the results of my first attempt.

Accomplishments and other tid bits.............

I tried out Bonnie Hunter's recipe for Gooey S'mores Pie and sent it to the Standstitchers Pot Luck Dinner last Thursday night.  Some said it was too sweet and others said it was great.  The left over were brought back to my work and it did not last long.  Click on the above link to find the recipe.

The kittens that took up residence outside my home are doing great.  One has become very friendly and lets me pet it.  The other two had not decided to trust me.  He is so cute!! I have fallen in love with him.

Here is a photo of his two siblings.  They are cute also, but not very trusting.

 The fabric shown below is what I have picked out for pillowcases for my grandkids.  I made them pillowcases last Halloween and they want new ones this year. 

I actually accomplished some guilty things this past weekend.  I completed a top for a baby quilt.  I have to make another one just like it but with different colors.  These will be for my nephew's twins - Owen and Paige.  I showed you pictures of them in an earlier post.  I just hope they are not in high school before I get both completed, quilted and mailed off to them.  The fabric is Lollipop  by Moda.  I know, it needs ironing.  I should had done that before I took the picture.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School Party from Quiltmaker

BTS logo 200 Back to School Party: Planning Chart

I guess I think I do not have enough to do these days.  I love the quilt that Quiltmaker is providing for their "Back to School Party".  I plan to make the Very Fairy Christmas using fabric from Quilting Treasures.  If I cannot find it locally, then I will dive into my stash and look for reds, greens, black dots, and creams. 

Check out the Quiltmaker Magazine's blog for more details on this "Party".

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crumb Along with Jo

Crumb Along!
How about joining us for a crumb-a-long.  Visit Jo over at  Jo's Country Junction  and join the fun.  The event is just getting started so you can join now and not have to catch up.  While you are there grab the button and put it on your blog.

I have lots of scraps and crumbs and need to do something with them so I thought I would try this.  I already have  Tonya’s book, Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place).  This will give me a chance to try out some words on the quilt.

Check back from time to time to see my progress and keep me on track.