Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Week

Wow, it has been a while since I posted.  Things have been very busy.  I spent Easter with my kids and grand kids.  We had a great time.  If you are following my blog you know that I am very close to being a "nana" for the third time.  On my Easter visit I was very fortunate to be able to attend a baby shower for my DIL.  The shower was given by her church family.  We had the event at Olive Garden.  I met such a nice group of ladies that obviously loved her very much.  The pictures below are from the "party".  The cupcakes were so cute with the little monkeys hanging around them.

The grand kids and I went to the South Carolina children's museum,  it has a name, but I cannot remember it.  They had such a good time playing firemen, shopping for groceries, riding tractors, and driving cars. 

In addition to all of this fun I was fortunate to spend a day with my DIL's parents and grandparents.  We had a fantastic home cooked meal -- corn, butterbeans, chicken and dumplings, turkey and dressing, roast, deviled eggs, mash potatoes, etc.  I am sure I left something out. Oh yes, fresh strawberry cake and another cake that I cannot remember the name, but both were delicious.  They live in a beautiful location in the northern part of SC.  The guineas were also having a feast outside.  I have not seen these birds since I was a kid at my own grandparents' home in Mississippi.

I enjoyed this time with my family.

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