Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Savannah GA

I am Savannah this week at the Gulf and South Atlantic Shellfish Conference.  Yesterday was my day to present a talk.  I am relieved that this is behind me and I can enjoy the remainder of my stay here in this very historic town.

The meeting ended at 12:00 noon and I was able to spend some time walking around the downtown area. 

During my time here I had the opportunity to take a Paula Deen tour which ended with a meal, in a private dining room, with entertainment.  Paula was in town signing her new cookbook, but the line was too long, I had to get back to the Conference.  A friend's wife stood in line and got several books signed.

Lady and Sons Restaurant

Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, BBQ, Mashed Potatoes, Turnips, Field Peas, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Mac and Cheese 

Paula greeted us!!

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  1. Missed you today! Your quilts are awesome! Really enjoyed the show. Plus all of your quilts on here. Congratulations on being published. I need to subscribe so I can get these great ideas. Hope to see you soon. Hope you are having a great time!