Monday, April 15, 2013

NOAA's Relay for Life Lunch and Learn

Various fund raising events have been taking place at work for the past several weeks.  Today was a Lunch and Learn Event.

Renee Barton of "A Grand Entrance" taught a group of ladies to make the mesh wreaths.  Over $150 was raised for Relay for Life at this workshop.

Below is a picture of my wreath.  I made one to be used for Christmas.  Christmas ornaments will be added to finish up the wreath which will be hung on my front door at Christmas.  It was such fun that I plan to make a spring one this weekend.

Here is a picture.  It needs more fluffing and the addition of ornaments.  There were other beautiful ones made - Fourth of July, Spring, Autumn, Blue and White, etc.  All were fabulous.



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