Friday, November 29, 2013

CELTIC SOLSTICE - 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery - Clue One


Many folks were up early this morning to download the first clue for the 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

I did not get up early, but I did download the instructions and have started cutting and sewing a few of the 140 orange, 240 neutral, and 380 pairs of the blue that is part of the first clue.

Colors chosen for the quilt

Orange and blues and a few completed blocks.

A couple orange/blue blocks and a neutral/blue block.

 So when clue one of Celtic Solstice is completed there will be 140 orange/blue 3.5 inch square blocks and 240 neutral/blue 3.5 inch square blocks.  I have six of the 380 blocks completed!!

Wow, a lot to do in one week.

Check in later to see my progress.

Happy Quilting,



  1. I see you have also decided to stay on the bright side of the colors. Me, too. I live in northern Nevada and winter is brown and white so I decided to give myself an early spring.

  2. I like the fabrics you chose - so bright and happy.

  3. Sandra I love your Blue is so very pretty i see you also did the easy strest I did also will keep an eye on your progress will be fun!!!! Bonnie is such a great gal.! I got to do a workshop with her in my town in Indiana a few years ago.Such a down to earth person and fun always your colors again !!!!!