Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Downton Abbey Tea and Trunk Show

Sharon Harper's photo.
Dennis Blevins, Andover Fabrics Rep

On January 12, one of the local quilt stores, Block Therapy, sponsored a Tea and Trunk Show featuring Andover Fabrics' Downton Abbey fabric line.

We heard some history of how the fabric line came to be and then watched some out-takes of the show.  We were all having tea and sweets while this lecture was taking place.  It was really a fun afternoon.  Two of my besties and my new friend, Peggy, from Michigan sat together and enjoyed the show.


Tea for Everyone

Below are a few pictures that I took of quilts and other things made from the Downton Abbey fabrics.

Dennis told us that we can expect more Downton Abbey fabrics from Andover.  Next year's line will represent the downstairs characters, such as Ms. Patmore.
I plan to do a quilt that includes all of the fabrics from this year's line.  You can view the pattern here.  I chose this one because I could not decide which fabrics were my favorites.  The pattern has all of them, so I will not have to make choices. The backing will be the beige piece with the castle logo.
Happy quilting everyone.

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  1. My friend and I were at this tea on Sat. Had a very good time. Beautiful fabrics! I bought the kit for Sister Edith's quilt and can't wait to start on it. I love Violet' quilt and can't wait to start collecting fabric for it.