Monday, March 17, 2014

Ms Peggy is in the House

This all started when a friend of mine showed a picture of a Feather Weight table (with a machine), on Facebook, that she was considering buying.  She ended up purchasing the table.  I sent her a personal message, some of which said that I had been looking for a Feather Weight for some time.  She called to let me know that the machine in the picture was for sale, and did I want her to get it for me.  Well of course I said yes, at a reasonable price.  Long story, short, Peggy went back to the antique store and negotiated a very reasonable price for this baby.  She even cleaned it up for me before I picked it up.  In honor of Peggy's endeavors on my part, I have named the machine Ms Peggy.  She sews very well.  One more thing that comes off my Bucket List.  Thank you Peggy!

These machines are hard to find down here.  So much was lost with Katrina.  Many sewing machines were just thrown away due to rust.

Have a good week and find time to sew.




  1. Your so welcome Sandra. So happy to call you friend.

  2. Sandra!! That is WONDERFUL!!! I am SO excited for you. Here's to years of happy stitching on her!!