Sunday, June 22, 2014

Part I -- Sand Stitchers Quilt Show - May 2014

The theme of this year's show was "It's Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden."

The following pictures will show you many of the 101 quilts that were entered in the show.  I don't have photos of all because they all did not come out good enough to publish.  I will try to identify as many as I can.  If you see any misrepresentations or know the name of a quilt, please let me know and I will correct/label it.

This is our 2014 Opportunity Quilt.  Tickets will be available until September

Close up of the beautiful work on the quilt.

"My Blue Heaven" by Angela R

"Grandmother's Garden" by Sue E

Past-President's Quilt.

"This IS My Grandmother's Flower Garden" by Cynthia R

Close-up of above quilt.  Cynthia R made this quilt by using hexagon flowers hand pieced by her Grandmother.

Lois R put together 3,240 two inch squares and 810 one and one-half squares to make this bow tie quilt.

This pattern came from the book by Lori Holt, Quilty Fun.

This was one of the "Anniversary" quilts that the entire membership spent several project nights putting together.

I will continue the show in a later blog.
Quilt on....

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