Sunday, June 12, 2011

AccuQuilt GO! Quilt-Along Top Completed

As stated in my last post, I have been staying up late this past week trying to catch up on several projects that have a June 15 deadline.  One of these is the AccuQuilt GO! Quilt-Along over at Ebony Love's blog.  The following blocks had to be completed before I put the top together.

Block 6 - Basket

Block 5 - LeMoyne Star Paper pieced

I substituted the LeMoyne Star for the Blazing Star AccuQuilt Die.  The blocks turned out better than I had expected.  I also had to make a few checkerboard blocks to complete the series.

And here it is!!  The completed top.  I have uploaded it to flickr as required, so I met the deadline.  Yeah!!

That leaves my Ugly Fabric Challenge to finish and I will be caught up for now.  I should be able to complete it tonight and send a picture to my friend, Rennie, in time to meet the deadline.  I cannot show you a picture until the contest is over.

I am traveling for business this week.  When I get back I have one more project to complete before the end of June then its off to Myrtle Beach SC for a family vacation.

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  1. You have been busy! Your blocks look great!