Monday, February 28, 2011

AccuQuilt GO! Quilt-Along Fabric Choice and Block 1

Picked up the AccuQuilt GO! Chisel die on Saturday and began the process of starting the Quilt-Along at Ebony Love's blog, Quiltpossible.  The triangel die, also used on this block, is on backorder.  Thus, I cut the triangles with a rotary cutter. 

My fabric choices are as shown below:  Light and dark neutrals, light and dark green, light and dark blue.  I also have chosen a light and dark red.  It was not used in Block 1.  I will show it at a later date.

My first block is shown below.  I am having trouble getting them to measure the suggested nine inches.  I have completed two of the necessary eight.   Here is close-up of one block and a picture of two side by side.  I really love the block.  There are lots of possibilities for using this die.  I would never have attempted to cut out a chisel block with a template and a rotary cutter.

I will work on the remainder tomorrow and keep trying for a nine inch block.

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