Sunday, February 27, 2011

What I See Outside My Window ... At Work

My office faces the Pascagoula River.  Across the river is the Port of Pascagoula where tons of frozen chickens are picked up by cargo ships and sent to Russia and elsewhere.  Also there is a company that repairs oil rigs.  Thought it would be interesting for you to see what one of those rigs looks like out of the water.  This one has been in port for several weeks and is being prepared to go back to the Gulf.  It is setting on a special ship designed to transport these rigs.  The size of the ship and the rig are fascinating to me.  Imagine the effort and know-how it took to design such a ship and transport rigs to and from the Gulf of Mexico waters.
Friday, February 25

The size of the yellow bulldozer in the forefront gives you an idea of the size of this rig and the ship it is resting upon.

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