Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Tribute to Mom

This morning glory, or whatever it is, came from plants that used to be in in Mom's back yard.  They were beautiful and very large.  She gave some of these plants to my Aunt Irma.  Irma planted them in her front yard and let them run up a pine tree.  Once again they produced large beautiful flowers. 

During my Mom's illness her plants withered away, but my Aunt's continued to grow.  On a visit to my aunt's long after my mom's passing, she presented me with a pot of  these vines.  This had to have been sometimes around 2004 when I moved back to Mississippi.  I coddled those plants for two years until I bought a home.  I finally planted the vines in a large pot and let them run on the fence.  That was in 2006.  In the ensuing years, these vines have covered the fence and sent out runners all over the yard,  set up residence in many places other than the pot, but not one flower was seen. 

Last weekend I was out watering the plants and I discovered a single bloom on all of those vines.  It brought back fond memories of my time with my Mom and memories of her love of flowers.  I hope more blooms will be forthcoming and that when I move again I will be able to carry these vines with me to my new home.


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  1. It's amazing the memories that are associated with small things. One beautiful flower was all it took to take you back.

    Are you moving again?