Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BQA - Block 8

Play on the Seesaw (aka Spool), Block eight of the BQA has been completed.  In fact I made two of them.  The first one just did not look right after I photographed it.  The gray print's circles would not line up - I did not notice it until I took the picture.  I made several attempts to recut and sew, but never could get the circles to line up in a pleasing way.  So, I picked out other fabric and made another one.  I like the second one much better, even though the bottom did not line up perfectly either.  However, I will keep it for the quilt top.

Some fabric just do not work on some patterns.  This has taught me to look closer at the patterns in the fabric before I decide to use them.  This may not bother some people, but it bothers me.
First Attempt

2nd one - Play on the Seesaw

Happy quilting,


Monday, July 30, 2012

And the winners are.......

The winning numbers have been chosen for the 100th Blog Post giveaway.  I numbered the comments in the order they were received and had the random generator pick three numbers.

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:
Random Number:

Top of Form

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:
Random Number:

Top of Form

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:
Random Number:

Please email me privately (sharpsanl@gmail.com) and provide me with your mailing address so I can get your prize on its way.

Some of you joined but did not leave a comment.  We will have more giveaways in the future and all of you that have signed up as a follower will have another chance.

Thanks for playing along.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun with the Grandkids

My two oldest grandchildren arrived yesterday to spend the week with "Nana".  We are already having so much fun.  Today we went to the park and played in the water and on the play sets.  Who knows what we will do next!!

It  is hot today, but the park has lots of shade, so it was not too bad.

300th Survey Trip for NOAA Ship Oregon II

Thursday, July 26, 2012, the NOAA Mississippi Laboratories, Pascagoula, celebrated the 300th Survey Trip (1967 - 2012) of the Oregon II, fondly known as "The Deuce".

 The NOAA Ship Oregon II conducts fishery and living marine resource studies in support of the research of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Pascagoula Laboratory in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The ship collects fish and crustacean specimens using trawls and benthic longlines and fish larvae and eggs, and plankton using plankton nets and surface and midwater larval nets. The Oregon II normally operates in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. More details on the ship can be found here.

The captain was presented a plaque and the crew were recognized at the ceremony.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

100th Blog Celebration and Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!!  Greetings to two new followers. Glad to have you.

On my last post I mentioned that I had reached my 100th Blog Post and I was going to have a giveaway to celebrate.

Now for the giveaway -- I will be giving away a pattern from Elisa's Backporch called "Turtle Party!" and two of my handcrafted Stilettos.

To be eligible to win one of the prizes:
-- you must be/become a follower (become a follower before you leave a comment).  You do not have to have a blog to be a follower.
-- leave a comment on this post saying such and share your favorite quilt block that you have worked on this summer. 

If you have not sewn one of your favorites, then tell us which one you plan to sew.  I will pick a winner on July 30.  There will be three winners - so go for it!!

I hope this will be fun for everyone.

Happy Sewing,


Monday, July 23, 2012

More Granny Square Quilt Blocks

A couple more Granny Quilt Squares have been completed.
Primary Colors -  RJR Fusions

Chocolate Fudge

I need to do a couple more of these before Friday, because two of my grandkids are coming to visit for a week.  Very little, if any, sewing will be done while they are here.  We have something planned for just about every day.

This is my 100th blog bost.  I think I will have a giveaway in honor of this.  Will provide more details later in the week.

Hope you find time to sew this week.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

BQA - Block 7 - Paddle Up The Creek

Yesterday I was able to complete the seventh block of the BAQ.  The Sunkissed by Moda fabrics are showing up nicely in these blocks.

Paddle Up the Creek - aka Hourglass

Though I would share this photo with you.  This is "Sneaky".  Look closely at his feet.  Can you image being this limber!!

Happy Sewing,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Granny Square Blocks

I have seen the Granny Square Quilt Block on several blogs over the past few months.  I fell in love with the look and wanted to make some of these blocks for a quilt.  (Like I do not have enough to do.)

Jodi at the Pleasant Home Blog has some pictures of various blocks that are being made for their Great Granny Quilt Along.  Lori, over at Bee in My Bonnet has a tutorial on making these blocks.

My first block is shown below.  My plans are to make 12 of these blocks for a quilt for myself.  Each block finishes at 12.5 inches.

Hope you are finding time to sew this week.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pat Sloan's Scrap Bag

Remember me blogging about winning a prize for Week 3 BQA's block.

Block 3 - Time for Ice Cream

When I returned from my trip I had a package from Pat Sloan waiting for me.  It was jammed packed with fabric from her new line - Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables by Moda.

Take a look at this lovely selection.  I took several pictures  to try to capture the beauty of this fabric line.  One of my favorites is the orange with carrots.

Thanks to Pat for the generous bag of "scraps".


BQA Updates - Blocks 5 and 6

I spent last week away on business, so I did not get a chance show Block 5 - Count the Stars.  It was easy to make - it is a nice block to showcase a fabric that you especially love.
Count the Stars - aka The Friendship Star

This week's block was also fun to make.  Go On A Picnic:
Block 6 - Go On A Picnic aka Calico Puzzle

Tomorrow Block 7 will be out.  You still have time to join the fun.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Tribute to Mom

This morning glory, or whatever it is, came from plants that used to be in in Mom's back yard.  They were beautiful and very large.  She gave some of these plants to my Aunt Irma.  Irma planted them in her front yard and let them run up a pine tree.  Once again they produced large beautiful flowers. 

During my Mom's illness her plants withered away, but my Aunt's continued to grow.  On a visit to my aunt's long after my mom's passing, she presented me with a pot of  these vines.  This had to have been sometimes around 2004 when I moved back to Mississippi.  I coddled those plants for two years until I bought a home.  I finally planted the vines in a large pot and let them run on the fence.  That was in 2006.  In the ensuing years, these vines have covered the fence and sent out runners all over the yard,  set up residence in many places other than the pot, but not one flower was seen. 

Last weekend I was out watering the plants and I discovered a single bloom on all of those vines.  It brought back fond memories of my time with my Mom and memories of her love of flowers.  I hope more blooms will be forthcoming and that when I move again I will be able to carry these vines with me to my new home.


July 4th 2012

Happy Fourth of July to all of my family and friends.

Part of my family is celebrating the 4th in Myrtle Beach where little Miss Kensie is styling in her new shoes.  She is only one year old, but it looks as if she already has learned how to show off  her new shoes and fancy toenails!! 

Have a safe and happy holiday


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beginner's Quilt Along (BQA) - Block 4

Jump in the Pool (aka Double Monkey Wrench)
Block 4

These blocks are such fun to make.  Getting back to basics and refreshing the skills needed to produce a nice, flat block is such a joy!!

Happy Quilting...............