Friday, March 2, 2012

A Mini Lofton Family Reunion February 25, 2012

I left the MQA meeting and went out to the "old home place" where my Larry brother lives.  My brother, Joe, flew into the small airport in Brookhaven, and my other brother JP and sister-in-law Robin, came in from Monticello.  We enjoyed reflecting back on our childhood (yes, we have reached that age) and laughing at many of the episodes in our lives. 

Left to Right (Sandra, Joe, JP, Larry (sitting) I was having a bad hair day!

The Nandina Berry Bush had beautiful berries:
The last plants planted by my Mother (Jonquils) were blooming.  She loved all types of flowers.  Looking at them made me miss her even more.

The sky was a beautiful blue with snowy white clouds.  I enjoyed spending time with my brothers and sister-in-laws.

Sometimes you can go home and leave refreshed.....


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