Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Mid-Summer's Night Dream

The Summer 2012 Quilt Challenge for the Standstitchers Guild was titled A Mid-Summer's Night Dream.  Cynthia headed up this project.  Each participant selected an envelop with a paint strip from the paint store and one "wild card color" in another envelope.  The rules were to use all the colors from the strip and the wild card color in recognizable amount.  Any other color could be added and at least three embellishments used.  The project had to be completed prior to our meeting tonight. 

These are the projects that were selected. The winners will have a caption under the picture.

Best Use of Color Paint Strips

Project you would use most in your home.

Most Original
Best Use of Embellishments (Lois used real cat whiskers)

There were at least four others, but for some reason the camera did not flash and the pictures did not show up clear enough to post.

What talented people we have in the group.


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