Thursday, December 6, 2012

Organizing My Stash

When visiting many blogs and various websites I came across several types of fabric organizers.     The ones from Polar Notions caught my eye.  I did some research and found many favorable comments for these boards.

My stash is out of control and I need help.  It was so bad that I really did not know what I had, and if I knew I had it, I could not find it.

So, I gave myself an early Christmas present and ordered a box of the large polar notions large fabric organizers and a box of those designed for fat quarter storage.

When your fabric looks like this:

You need this:

To make your fabric look like this:

And after folding and folding, one section of my fabric storage unit now looks like this:

I am going to need more fabric organizers!  Are you listening Santa?


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