Monday, September 26, 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

This week finds me in Washington DC on a business trip.  This is my second day and I am already suffering from withdrawal.  The next crumb block will be published tomorrow and I won't be home to sew it.  I also cannot sew the Christmas blocks that are being offered on the Christmas Quilt-along.  No only will I miss out on this week but next week also.  I will be in Seattle for 7 or 8 days starting next Saturday.  Travel is not all it is appears to be.  Days in meetings and nights in hotels with crummy TV shows.  Both of these meetings will require working day and many hours of the night.  I will be happy to get back to my sewing machine.

The hotel has a very nice quilted throw at the end of the bed.  I cannot remember what these are called but I did buy a book containing several different versions of this.  I want to make one of these for my bed -- "one of these days!" Very pretty.

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  1. I will look it up. Bed swag comes to mind but Im not so sure. I had one on the end of my bed in Lake placid and honestly I thought it the perfect touch for a hotel. It made it very homey. (before someone had called it a fake quilt.) Miss you Sandra...