Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Accomplishments and other tid bits.............

I tried out Bonnie Hunter's recipe for Gooey S'mores Pie and sent it to the Standstitchers Pot Luck Dinner last Thursday night.  Some said it was too sweet and others said it was great.  The left over were brought back to my work and it did not last long.  Click on the above link to find the recipe.

The kittens that took up residence outside my home are doing great.  One has become very friendly and lets me pet it.  The other two had not decided to trust me.  He is so cute!! I have fallen in love with him.

Here is a photo of his two siblings.  They are cute also, but not very trusting.

 The fabric shown below is what I have picked out for pillowcases for my grandkids.  I made them pillowcases last Halloween and they want new ones this year. 

I actually accomplished some guilty things this past weekend.  I completed a top for a baby quilt.  I have to make another one just like it but with different colors.  These will be for my nephew's twins - Owen and Paige.  I showed you pictures of them in an earlier post.  I just hope they are not in high school before I get both completed, quilted and mailed off to them.  The fabric is Lollipop  by Moda.  I know, it needs ironing.  I should had done that before I took the picture.

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