Sunday, September 18, 2011

Black and Brights ...and a bonus

This weekend I played around with my black kona and some of Robert Kaufman's fusion fabric.  I am in a swap with the Cobble Court Quilters that is named "Black and Brights."  I had this idea in my head and wanted to try it out.  Turns out that the block is too large for the swap.  I love how it looks so I will make myself a quilt using this pattern.

I have chosen another quilt block for the swap because the one above turned out to be about 14 inches.  The swap blocks have to be 12.5 inches unfinished.

Bonus:  Here are a couple of pictures of the kitty cats.  They are growing fast.

They love to eat and are waiting to be fed every morning and evening.

Until next time............


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